Custom Framing Lord of the Daggers

At Gallery 88 Custom Framing and Art we always strive, for as much as possible, to keep the custom framing of any piece of art or keepsake “even” with the piece being framed. This means that our color choices will always  attract less attention than the article being framed.

This philosophy was particularly important when  we recently had to frame a dagger that looks like it came out of “The Lord of the Rings”. We went with a neutral, dark green, linen mat, that naturally contrasted with the shiny, slick, silver color of the blade and the darker textured silver of the handle.

Because the dagger was fairly deep, we shadowboxed it and ran the same dark green linen mat up the inside of the frame rabbit. We also chose a frame that both contrasted well with the dark green mat and was very consistent with the colors and textures in the dagger. The strongest contrast is very deliberately the one between the dagger and the mat.

We also chose to use Ultra Glass, which is amazing for safeguarding the clarity and the textures of all the details in the dagger and the supporting textures of the linen mat.

You can see that the chemistry between the dagger and framing was very soothing. The customer was very pleased with the overall effect. We always enjoy custom framing challenges that allow us to showcase our design strategies.

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