Framing Vancouver Canucks Jersey

Gallery 88 Custom Framing and Art has framed numerous hockey, football and basketball jerseys. Typically we try to choose a neutral mat, often white, black or a non bright color that is in the jersey. We are always careful to choose a color that will not allow any part of the jersey to blend too much – disappearing into the mat.

For as much as possible, and there always exceptions, we try to maintain a fairly strong contrast between the mat and the jersey. But the stronger color should always be the jersey. We never want draw too much attention to the framing.

The jersey is what we want to showcase, not the framing. The framing should keep up to the jersey but never overpower it with competing color.

We always adhere the linen mat to acid free foam board to add body and structure to the presentation. We also try to
fold the jersey in a relaxed, natural pattern that maintains its logical shape as a jersey. Usually there is a signature of the player and we try to showcase that, for as much as possible because it adds to the value and personal character of the jersey.

We also make an effort to show the numbers on the arms of the jersey because that is an important aspect of the
player. Sometimes we are forced to show half of the number on the sleeve on one side and the other half of the number on the other sleeve.

We spot stitch the jersey to the linen mat, removing all unsightly wrinkles, and keeping the stitches hidden so that the jersey looks  more like it is suspended above the mat, than stitched to it. This effect is further enhanced  by using one half inch strips of the mat board as spacers to suspend the glass above the jersey and create a more three dimensional quality to the piece. The glass
then, does not make contact with the jersey and so it to appear more natural – not crushed down by it.

Usually we allow for a two inch space of mat around the jersey. That mat size provides perfect separation from the jersey and never looks too spacious. We usually use a simple black wood frame that is deep enough to allow for the relief of the material and strong enough to hold the weight of all the parts of the presentation. We like to minimize the weight of the framed jersey by using plexiglass, which is about half the weight of regular glass. This choice allows for a very stable and secure balance between weight and size.

Our customers are always impressed and excited when they are reunited with their prized sports jerseys.

More information about custom framing.

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