Ken Kirkby

Born in England, raised in Portugal, Ken moved to Canada in 1958. He travelled with the Inuit across Canada’s far north, recording the landscape, the people and the conditions in a vast collection of drawings. It was during this time that Ken discovered the “Inukshuks”. Since moving to Vancouver Island, he has focused on the West Coast in his work.

Ken Kirkby: A Painter’s Quest for Canada,
a biography by Goody Nios

“Ken Kirkby is a Canadian original. As passionate about life as he is about art, his is an amazing story about a man whose creative soul was shaped by the Arctic barrens and who has spent much of his life capturing that fierce beauty on canvas. Now living in a sea side cottage on Vancouver Island, where he shares his studio with a roving family of otters, he has turned his eye to the windswept landscape of the West Coast for inspiration. An outspoken champion of conservation, he uses his art both to reflect and preserve the natural beauty of the world.”
– Mark Hume,
author of River of the Angry Moon,
and National Correspondent for The Globe and Mail

UntitledAcrylic on canvas. 24"x 48". $3,550.